How to Shoot Your Dog...With a Camera!

Updated: Aug 28

National Dog Photography Day is apparently a thing (July 26th), and while we generally don’t cave to (and often roll our eyes at) the hashtag holidays, we do love pictures of dogs. We also know how hard it can be to capture that perfect image. So, we were inspired to honor this particular “holiday” by sharing some expert advice.

Photography has always been a big part of our brand. Very early on, we did some photo shoots with our friend Joanna Totolici, a very talented NYC photographer who primarily works in fashion and also shoots weddings; however, her lifelong passion for dogs inspired her to start doing canine photography between bigger jobs. After some early packaging design fails, we decided to feature our own dogs, Connor and Sharkita, on our boxes using some of her beautiful portraits. When we introduced our Lamb Recipe, Joanna’s adorable rescue havanese Boris became our third spokespup. We regularly feature images from the many shoots we have done with Joanna on our instagram account.

Thanks, Joanna, for generously sharing your favorite tips for taking your best photos of your best friends and for letting us use your beautiful images for this piece!

It’s All About The Light

The word photography literally means drawing with light, so make sure you have plenty to work with. Natural daylight is always best, so try to work outdoors or near a window. The time of day also matters A LOT. You may already know about magic hour (also called golden hour) referring to the hour before sunset or after sunrise, when everything is bathed in a golden glow. These are the perfect times to shoot. Avoid working in the middle of the day with bright overhead lighting and harsh shadows. If you must shoot midday, try to position your pup in a shadow near the edge, as the brighter light will bounce in a bit and can create some nice effects.