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We have the great privilege of being able to feed our own dogs the best every day. Not every dog is as lucky as our own. From day one, we have always wanted to find a way to give back. We're thrilled to announce our first foster feeding program in partnership with Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue. We are so grateful to Badass for bringing spokespup Sharkita into our lives. To say thanks, we are giving back in the best way that we can—with the healing power of food.

One of the great things about Badass is that they don't shy away from rescuing dogs with medical conditions who need a little extra TLC. For every case (8 lbs.) of Evermore sold in Brooklyn, whether in stores or online, we donate one pound of food to a Badass foster pup with special needs. For now, this is a local initiative, but as we grow, we plan on finding ways to share the love even more.

Have or know of a rescue organization that you think would make a great partner? Contact us here!

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