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Beef Recipe Update

Updated: Jun 30

We’ve always prided ourselves on our long-term partnerships and our transparency in sharing them. You might have landed here from an email or store link, or by scanning the QR code on our latest Beef Recipe packaging—which is noticeably missing the Sunfed Ranch logo. Last year, our dedicated beef supplier was purchased by a larger operation. This ironically occurred prior to the airing of a California Bountiful episode featuring Evermore and our partnership with Sunfed. Within a few months of the acquisition, it became clear that our small business was no longer a priority for them. After being left in a lurch a few times, the only option was to seek out a new vendor. We were hoping this would be a short process and a seamless transition... it was not.

The American grass-fed beef landscape is not an easy one to navigate. Despite marketing claims that would have you believe that high-quality, regeneratively raised, grass-fed beef from the USA is everywhere, this is simply not the case. Believe us, there’s some sketchy stuff happening out there.

Increasingly, companies are sourcing from Australia, New Zealand, and Paraguay, where the year-round climate is more favorable for cattle ranching. We are committed to finding the best possible ranchers here in the USA and have been trying a few different vendors who meet our non-negotiable criteria:

  • 100% grass-fed, lifetime-pastured cattle

  • Demonstrably regenerative ranching practices

  • Humane handling and slaughter practices designed to reduce as much stress as possible

That said, in this process there have been a few false starts. This has created a tight inventory situation, with some brief outages. You may also notice more batch variation than usual. Should you receive any food that is far outside the norm, please reach out. It is our goal to make the best version of our product possible and your feedback will help us on that front.

The good news is that we think we've found an amazing partner and after we have another production run or two with them under our belts, we will be updating this page/shouting it from the mountaintops. Until then, thank you for your patience, and please feel free to reach out with any questions.


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