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Strut Your Mutt
Hanna Dog Walking
Alison Camp Ballibay
Hanna and Shark Camping
Connor Licking Mom
Hanna and Shark
Hairnets and All
Alison, Leyna and Connor
Shark Modeling Evermore
Fort Defiance
Alison, Baby Leyna and Connor
Shark Photobomb
Connor and Baby Leyna
Shark and Hanna Lounging
Alison and Hanna
Hanna and Shark Cuddling
Alison and Connor Cuddling
Red Hook Park
Hanna and Shark Hike
Pregnant Alison and Connor

We believe we should feed our pets the way we should feed ourselves—with high-quality, minimally processed whole food ingredients. Evermore is a two-women-owned company—a trained-health supportive chef and a long-term dog care professional—that makes great food you or your dog could eat. We began in Brooklyn, NY in 2009 (it's a long story, you can read it here). Now a bicoastal business, Hanna holds down the fort in Brooklyn as Alison pioneers new territory in the Bay Area. We share an alma mater in the University of Chicago, a buttload of creativity, deep love and respect for animals, and a passion for nutritious, sustainable food.


We put our hearts into conscientiously crafting nutritionally complete, delicious recipes for dogs using beyond “human-grade” ingredients. We truly believe that our food is the best iteration of a gentle, immune-supportive “home-cooked” diet. After 13 years of unsolicited testimonials—especially from owners whose dogs didn't thrive on anything else—pups across the country seem to agree. 

Our commitment to our customers is to provide the highest quality food possible at the most accessible price point we can. This means our limited resources go into our ingredients and production first. We keep other costs down by doing pretty much everything we can ourselves. When it comes to the choice between the most ethically sourced ingredients possible (e.g., humanely raised meats, organic produce) or marketing, for us it's a no brainer.

Alison & Connor
Oakland, CA

A former magazine editor and dot-commer with an MA in linguistics, Alison's long-time passion for health-supportive cooking led her to trade business casual for a hairnet and apron. After receiving her chef's training at the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts in NYC (now part of the Institute of Culinary Eduction), she worked as a personal chef for people with special dietary needs and helped transform the kitchen at Camp Ballibay from serving processed, pre-packaged food to fresh, home-cooked meals. She also holds her Holistic Health Coach certification through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. When not sourcing ingredients, managing production, and growing Evermore's presence on the West Coast, she empowers humans in dietary transition to make positive, lasting changes as a health-supportive chef and coach. 


Connor is a 16-year-old Shepherd-Lab mix, referred to (more than once) as the "Burt Reynolds of dogs." Thanks in large part to Evermore, he still acts like a puppy and is often confused for one.


They live in Oakland, CA, with Alison's husband, Noah, and daughter, Leyna. You can find them hiking in the nearby hills and sharing incredible local food.  


Hanna & Shark
Brooklyn, NY

A fine artist and ex-Chicago bike messenger, Hanna owned and operated a successful dog-walking, dog-training, and pet-sitting business for seven years. When she is not running around educating retailers and customers about Evermore, Hanna spends much of her time making art, writing or hanging upside down in the air. She has even managed to combine her passion for Evermore with her passion for circus performance in what might be the world’s first and only dog food eating trapeze act


Sharkita—Shark for short—is a 9-year-old special blend of Shar Pei, Akita, and Husky (we think) rescued by Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue.  It was love at first sight when Hanna met Shark at an Evermore sampling event.  Shark initially came with hot spots, flaky skin, and patches of missing fur from bouts with mange. After a few months of Evermore, her coat couldn’t have been more gorgeous... and still is to this day.
They live in Brooklyn, NY, with Hanna's boyfriend, (a different) Noah. You can find them almost daily at the Flatbush Food Coop and Prospect Park.


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