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Evermore is shipped frozen. We work with a third party fulfillment company that specializes in perishable products. In order to ensure that your food arrives to you nice and cold, we follow a protocol based on transit time to your address. 

If you order before 5pm EST Monday, you should have your food by Friday no matter where you live. We ship throughout the week based on your specific transit time. The cutoff for 2-day shipments is 5pm Tuesday; 1 day shipments, 5pm Wednesday.

If your order comes in past the cutoff for same week shipment, it will be processed to ship the following week.


2-Day Ground: Ship Monday-Wednesday. Delivery Wednesday-Friday.

1-Day Ground: Ship Monday-Thursday. Delivery Tuesday-Friday. 

transit time map

The map provides general rules, but there are exceptions for certain addresses. 

Time_In_Transit (1).png
what to expect when receiving your order

We do everything we can to get your food to you frozen, even factoring in the occasional delay. That said, should your food arrive to you thawed but cold, it is safe to feed or refreeze (cold meaning 40F or cooler). If it is warmer than what you would expect to find in your fridge, please contact us ASAP.


All food is shipped in boxes with insulated liners that are made with 100% curbside recyclable material. We use dry ice, so please be cautious when opening. The dry ice can be left inside the box to sublimate in a safe place, away from pets or children. Avoid placing dry ice on glass or other sensitive surfaces, as drastic temperature changes can cause damage. Once the dry ice is gone (sublimated), you can continue to recycle the box as normal. We include handling instructions with each shipment. We plan for the dry ice to be mostly or fully sublimated by the time your food arrives, and adjust ice levels according to the temperature and time in transit.


The bulk of our customer service seems to be managing courier-related issues. We have no way of knowing about any problems that your order has in transit unless we are alerted. Please pay attention to your tracking information and reach out to us should you have any problem receiving your food in a timely fashion. If you have security gate or lobby that requires a code for couriers please leave this information on the "company line" (not the courier instructions) when you are ordering. Most couriers have apps that you can create delivery profiles on for smoother delivery. We highly recommend creating these delivery profiles if you can.


We have zero control over many of the factors that cause delays and always encourage our subscribers and regular customers to have an extra week's worth of food on hand. In the event of inclement weather or natural disaster, our shipping partners may hold your order until conditions improve. The decision to do this is based on direct communication with the courier companies. Even if your area is not directly impacted, your order may be held due to conditions along the route. Thank you for your patience when these situations arise.

CANCELLAtions and REFunds

If you place an order and need to cancel it before the shipment has gone out, we are happy to accommodate you. Once we have shipped the product to you, however, we cannot offer a refund. Please make sure is marked as safe sender in your e-mail program so you don't lose any important communications to your junk mail folder. In the event your food arrives to in a compromised state (e.g., warm food, punctured packaging, etc.), please let us know as soon as possible.

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