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about the project

In March 2011, company owners Hanna (left) and Alison (right) ate Evermore every day for the entire month to stand behind our claims of integrity and "human-grade" ingredients (press release here). To prove we were

absolutely comfortable eating our dog food daily with no concerns for our health or well-being, we filmed each day via "live feed." We dubbed the project Evermore Me, inspired by Morgan Spurlock's Super Size Me documentary.  Here's how the month went.  Also, check out our great press!

  1. Company owners ate Evermore for one full meal a day. The "feedings" were streamed live online, with streaming times announced daily via Twitter and Facebook.

  2. Other meals consisted only of ingredients in the food (e.g., roast chicken breast with kale and sweet potato fries—sounds good, right?).

  3. Condiments and spices (e.g., salt, pepper, vinegar, etc.) were permitted.  Evermore is delicious for dogs, but not so much for humans. We ate our food to stand behind the integrity of our sourcing and to demonstrate what we mean by "human-grade" ingredients, not to claim that it's yummy.

  4. In terms of beverage policy, we did not consume anything liquid that was of significant nutritional value unless it was the juice of an ingredient in our food (e.g., apple or carrot juice).  Thankfully, black coffee and alcohol are not particularly nutritious. ;)

  5. If you offered us your pizza crust or dropped something on the floor at mealtime, we might have considered eating it…

Official Rules
the proof

Check out our daily "live feeds" here!

Day 1

Technical difficulties prevented us from streaming live today… til then, viva la Flip!

Day 3

Lunchtime feeding and banter…

Day 5

Lunch with the adorable and adoptable Lamb!

Day 7

Learn how the term “human-grade” pertains to dog food, while Hanna (who eats two bowls) “impregnates” her food with hot sauce.

Day 9

Today begins our discussion of Evermore's awesome ingredients, starting with wild blueberries! 

Day 11

Today we discuss pumpkin seeds, another powerhouse staple in Evermore. The much-improved Lamb visits the office, and Alison waxes poetic about her latest Evermore Me recipes.

Day 13

Today we discuss parsnips! Alison shares her secret to crispy fries, while Hanna shows off her shiny coat.

Day 15

Today we brave the beef… for the first and last time! 

Day 17

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, we discuss parsley!

Day 19

Meet Hanna's mom, Ruth, our Hudson Valley Marketing & Operations Manager!

Day 21

Today we answer questions on raw vs. cooked, feeding Evermore to your kitties, and probiotics.

Day 23

Today we discuss the role of mixed tocopherols, a natural antioxidant in our food derived from vitamin E.

Day 25

Today we talk about digestion-promoting, detoxifying, nutrient-rich, dandelion greens… and what really killed the dinosaurs.

Day 27

Today we discuss how and why you should buy Evermore for your pup!

Day 29

Today we discuss the incredible, edible egg! It’s great for eyes, heart, brain, and hair—to name a few. 

Day 2

Lunchtime feeding, with a special dessert made by Alison using Evermore ingredients.

Day 4

Lunch with our first guest star, Jennifer Merschdorf!

Day 6

At the King's County General Store. 

Day 8

We get creative with our ingredients—raw kale salad with carrots, apples, and pumpkin seeds and yam-parsnip latkes with applesauce!

Day 10

Today we discuss alfalfa, a nutritional powerhouse ingredient in Evermore.

Day 12

Today we discuss apples, with health benefits like cancer prevention, cholesterol reduction, diabetes management, and bone protection. Hanna demonstrates her superior balancing skills.

Day 14

Today we discuss safflower oil! Hanna conducts an experiment to test the benefits of this nutritious oil.

Day 16

Today we discuss the value of Evermore!

Day 18

Production day!!! Our sexiest feed yet…

Day 20

Today we discuss the detoxifying properties of sea vegetables. Alison makes Evermore "sushi."

Day 22

Today we talk about barley, a versatile grain that is particularly high in dietary fiber and selenium.

Day 24

Today we discuss carrots, one of nature’s richest sources of beta carotene (which converts to vitamin A in the liver). 

Day 26

Today we discuss nutritious, delicious yams/sweet potatoes!  Alison shares secrets for crispy baked sweet potato fries.

Day 28

Today we discuss two powerhouse Evermore staples, kale and oats. Alison shares her delicious kale oat cake recipe.

Day 30

Today we discuss our IndieGoGo campaign. Hanna glosses over fish oil, as much as it glosses up her hair.

Day 31

Today we really discuss the incredible benefits of salmon oil and demonstrate how our amazing ingredients have transformed little Lamb–who got adopted in March!!!

Day 32

This one's just for fun!  Thanks for watching us.  We hope you have not only learned some really nifty (and nerdy) health tips but also why Evermore rocks!!!

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