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Meet Igor

It’s no secret that we love Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue

. For us the connection is personal—co-founder Hanna’s beloved Sharkita is a Badass, as is our new­ Turkey Recipe spokespup Gritz. ­­­­­Since this past January, we’ve been donating 1 pound of food to Badass fosters for every 8 pounds sold in Brooklyn. We are able to finance this initiative through the savings we see by doing our own local deliveries for Brooklyn orders. While this is time consuming, Hanna secretly enjoys traversing Brooklyn in her 2001 CRV and getting to meet our customers and their amazing dogs.

The food that we donate is specifically earmarked for dogs with health issues who need a little extra TLC. If you’re wondering what makes Badass so badass, they do not shy away from the tough medical cases, from the dogs that other rescues would overlook due to the need for vetting and healing before they can be placed in forever homes. Igor is one such pup.

Badass pulled Igor from the Selma Animal Shelter during the fall Monster Mash rescue. He was in very bad shape. His massive (and adorable) under-bite and vampire chompers rendered him unable to eat dry food. In addition to being severely malnourished, Igor also had bowed back legs, hip dysplasia, bum knees, tendon issues and a whole lot of GI issues. Despite the hardship that this little bully mix has endured, he exudes pure joy

Igor is currently on Evermore to help put some more meat on his bones, soothe his tummy, and aid in healing from all of the trauma that he has been through. We hear, to our delight (but not surprise), that he’s doing fabulously on the food. He went from grudgingly eating to bounding into his crate for mealtimes and, to the relief of both Igor and his foster mom, his stool went from liquid to solid.

We hope he finds his forever home soon—otherwise Hanna might be tempted to squeeze one more dog into her not-big-enough apartment! If you are interested in this one-of-a-kind dog, put in an application with Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue


P.S. Igor is such a rock star that he even inspired custom cookies from Baked Ideas

for a Badass holiday party.


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