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Introducing Our Newest Spokespup...

When we put out the model call for our new Turkey Spokespup, we had anticipated that people would be excited. This did nothing to prepare us for the volume of entries and the heart-wrenching task of narrowing down to five finalists, and ultimately one winner. Each of our finalists appealed to us for different reasons. Our super-talented photographer Joanna Totolici captured amazing images of each dog. It was great having time during those sessions to get to know the pups and their humans a little better. Trudy is a sweet dog, who has come a long way since being rescued and is still very much on her healing journey, of which we are psyched to now be a part. Nico, already an Evermore dog, is little puff of energy perfection in Pomeranian form—seriously we’ve never seen such a fabulous coat. Luna is a gorgeous and gregarious ambassador for everything that is wonderful about pitbulls. Pickle is the quintessential “everydog” straight out of central casting. Ultimately though, Gritz was the one.

Choosing a dog to grace our new Turkey box was never just about looks for us. Gritz has an amazing story of astonishing physical and behavioral transformation. His mom, Ellen, adopted him in 2012 from Brooklyn Badass Animal Rescue. He had originally been found, along with his sister, on the side of a highway in North Carolina. Shelter workers believed that they had been fending for themselves in the woods for quite some time. He was less than a year old, emaciated and riddled with what may have been animal bites. Gritz’s malnourishment wreaked havoc on his GI tract. Every food that Ellen fed him resulted in diarrhea—until he tried Evermore at a Badass street fair. She was lucky enough to win a case of Evermore in the raffle and recently told us, “The difference was almost immediate. He gained weight, toned up and his fur started growing over the scars on his body. He’s a healthy happy pup now, thanks to Evermore.”

We’re happy to take credit for his physical improvement, but equally impressive is his behavioral evolution. During the shoot, Gritz really enjoyed himself, and we think it shows in his pictures. He offered a wide range of behaviors and eagerly performed every task that was asked of him. His exuberance really shines through in his photo set. Five years ago, this experience would not have been possible. Having spent his puppyhood defending himself from wild predators, he was fearful and aggressive. An upset tummy certainly didn’t help matters. It is a real testament to Ellen’s hard work and patience that he has come this far.

Congratulation Gritz! Welcome to the Spokes-pack, we’re thrilled to have you. The final countdown is on, and our new Turkey Recipe will be available by the end of the month!


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