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The most rewarding part about running Evermore is having moments of genuine connection. This is why we take the time to personally e-mail our new customers. We thrive on learning their stories and about their dogs—about how our food is changing their dogs’ lives for the better. Sometimes our customers bring us to tears. Sometimes they inspire us to think deeply about our own goals and accomplishments.

We recently had an exchange that truly stands out. In response to a question about how she learned about our food, Jessie wrote:

I actually heard about Evermore during a dog adoption event in Brooklyn a couple of years ago. It was around the corner from my old apartment, which was dumb luck! There was a table set up with samples, and I bought two boxes (Meg loved it!). I was SO psyched to find out about you guys, and I've been trying to get it added to her diet ever since. I'm VERY obsessive about what she eats, especially since her system is so fragile. I also want to be sure she's getting the best possible option that is within my means...

It sounds really cheesy, but making Evermore her main diet has been a long-term goal.

Not to us, Jessie, not to us. ;)

We were amazed by Jessie's answer on many levels. First and foremost, we were deeply humbled by the thought that our food was a long-term lifestyle goal for someone who ultimately has become a subscribing customer. In our society where so many people envision the cars they’ll drive, the sweet apartment or the fancy clothes they’ll rock when they “get paid,” it is truly refreshing to meet someone who considers better food for their pup as a key goalpost in her financial journey.

We were also reminded about how far our products have come in the past few years since Jessie’s first Evermore purchase. In sourcing ingredients for our food, we too search for the “best possible option[s] within [our] means.”

Here's what we've done to that end:

  • Our antibiotic- and hormone-free beef has gone from “all natural” to 100% grass-fed (in fact, the beef we currently use is also certified organic).

  • Our free-range chicken has always been antibiotic- free (poultry is never subjected to hormones), but their feed is now also GMO-free.

  • Our produce has gone from a mix of sustainable and certified organic to all certified organic, with the exception of our wild blueberries (which we prefer to cultivated organic).

  • We’ve always made Evermore in USDA-inspected "people food" kitchens, but we have upgraded to a low-heat, nutrient retaining "sous-vide" cook process.

  • We’ve introduced grain-free lamb, using antibiotic- and hormone-free, All-American lamb.

  • Through careful allocation of our limited resources, we’ve made all of these improvements with very little cost increase to our customers.

Most importantly, we were inspired to think about our own long-term goals, both as individuals and as a company. It’s easy to forget the bigger picture while mired in the day-to-day reality of production, deliveries and paying bills along with the inherent wrinkles of negotiating slow and steady growth. Once upon a time we had composed a solid business plan for fast growth, custom tailored to attract venture capital. We were offered what was for us, a staggering amount of money, but it didn’t feel right or true to who we are.

We’re now revisiting our business plan, which is really just a roadmap for our goals as company. We have some ideas that will take us places where no pet food company has ever gone before. This time, when we share those ideas with potential partners, we are going to make darn sure that their priorities are as well calibrated as our customers’. (Know anyone? Please feel free to play matchmaker!)

Thanks, Jessie, for being such an inspiration to us.

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