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We're Making Waves!

After months of painstaking market research and in-depth conversations with pet parents nationwide, we were shocked to learn that our branding was not "speaking" to our customers. While they agreed we have an amazing product, it became clear that we need to better communicate what makes it so great for dogs in order to stand out from the pack. Something was missing, and that something was nautical—a sea change was long overdue.

So, without further ado, we are thrilled to announce that moving forward Evermore Pet Food will now be known as Cap'n Connor's Choice Chow. We hope you are as on board with this as we are and invite you to use Coupon Code CAPNCONNOR to celebrate our making waves across the pet food industry with 10% off your next purchase—including initial subscription orders—through Easter Sunday, 4/5!

We don't have any plans to change our logo or company name! We weren't kidding about that coupon code though! Use CAPNCONNOR for 10% off your next order through 4/5!


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