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It's simple: Just select the right subscription plan that works for your budget and dog's size, then let Evermore come to you while you spend your precious time doing all the other things in life that require your attention. Each shipment consists of 16 one lb. units.


Did we mention that subscribers get FREE SHIPPING—that's $15 off every order—in addition to our regular 5% large case discount? That's a pretty great payoff for less effort.

Easy to change billing plans, temporarily pause, or cancel at any time. Just give us a shout

choosing a plan

Use our Household Subscription Planner below to help determine the right plan for your pup(s). Keep in mind that these are only rough guidelines, and we are more than happy to do the math and customize the best plan for your household if you fill out this form.

Note: A Primary Diet assumes 75-100% Evermore, while a Partial Diet assumes 40-60% Evermore.

Evermore also makes a great kibble topper! Any amount is better than nothing. :)

Don't see the right plan for your needs? Use this form to help us help you determine a custom plan that works for you! Know what you want already? Contact us here!

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