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An Unsolicited Shameless Plug

Sometimes our customers send us awesome pics and interesting stories, completely unprompted. Below is Nomad, a husky/akita/collie mix who lives on 200 acres of land in Rosendale, NY. He is normally fussy about food. He prefers to hunt for his own dinner—usually birds or rabbits, sometimes even snakes. He's even killed a coyote. He shuns things like bacon, steak, and even fish, but he likes Evermore. We always like to joke that if wolves could have home-cooked meals, they would. Nomad might be the closest thing to proving this hypothesis.

Nomad also has a little (not biological) sister named Willow, who is an Alaskan Klee Kai.

Completing the pack is Little Anne the cat, who is on the right hand of this picture below.

All three, and the horses that also live on the property, are rescues!

A heartfelt thanks to Laurel for sharing these wonderful pictures with us. We are always super grateful to hear from our customers. Especially when they send editorial spreads. If you would like to share your story and pics with us, please email us here!


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