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Here's what our loyal, happy customers say about us!

We’d love to hear about your experiences with Evermore!  Please send us your feedback here.

“For an old gal, my dog Ruby is in amazing health, and I attribute a good part of that to her Evermore diet.  As a cook with a bad attitude (which means I don’t cook for anyone!), there was no way I was going to make my dog’s food. Lucky for us, there’s Evermore. She’s healthy, and I stay far away from the kitchen.”


April Lang

New York, NY

“I have a 2-year-old dog who had a rough time with his food for the first year of his life.  Then a friend told me about your food. He is just fine now, and no more tummy problems. Thank you!”


Betsy Haddad

New York, NY

"Everyone is still in love with Evermore! Boredom is my biggest issue with feeding my picky eaters. After several weeks, everyone is still very gobbling up every last morsel."


Cynthia Sherman

Biscuit Eater Animal Rescue

Boston, MA

“My dog Zoey jumps on my leg now when it comes to time to feed her your food! Thank you both so much for what you do.”


Carla Ferrari

Somerville MA

“I just want to say how amazing Evermore is for my dog and all dogs. I tried your sample at an event, and my dog immediately finished it and wanted seconds. This is a huge indication that Bee Bee the poodle is your #1 fan.  Poodles are finicky eaters, and watching him eat your food is a dream come true!”


Theresa Wong

New York, NY

“I just want to say how much my dog Bella enjoys Evermore! I just mix a little of it with her dry food, and she eats it up each time! Now I don't have to worry about boiling chicken, peas, and carrots in order to get her to eat her dry food.  It was such a process every week to make all that for her, but with Evermore I know that she is getting the nutrients she needs, and she really enjoys it. I am so glad to have found Evermore!”


Mindy Spaven

Rutherford, NJ

“Being a long-term advocate of homemade raw diets, I was skeptical about Evermore. After trying a sample and reading about the nutrition, I was convinced and converted.  Moujik is getting the most complete and balanced meal every time he eats—and he loves the food! His coat is shinier than ever, and his stools are firm and consistent. I'm so grateful to Evermore for making the best cooked dog food ever!”


Anouk Beguery

New York, NY

“Thank you for making Abbey an Evermore dog. She is OBSESSED with it, and I love feeding her such a healthy diet!!!!!”


Denise Wilens, Vet Tech

New York, NY

“Your terrific product made it in the store last week, and we ordered again for this week. It looks and smells fantastic!! My picky eater ate it!!! That's a great testimonial in itself!!”


Barbara Kroggman, Pet Sage

Alexandria, VA

“As a nutritionist, I truly believe in your product. Edgar loves it and, quite frankly, poops better when eating it. (I don't know how to delicately put that into a testimonial!)”


Susan Rubin

Chappaqua, NY


“My dog has done really well with Evermore, she has liver disease and the quality of your food has been the best! She also loves it!”


Amy Thesing

Brooklyn, NY

“We got our supposedly healthy 8-week old Tibetan terrier, Phoebe, from a breeder. When I brought her to our vet, I was told that she had a serious heart condition and would be lucky to live a year. We were devastated but refused to give her up. Two months shy of her 8th birthday, she is still with us.  I believe she is alive because of 3 reasons: 1. A lot of love; 2. Evermore (which she devours at every meal!); and 3. Daily walks.  A clear demonstration that miracles happen!!”


Amy Kriss,

Rye, NY

“Lola Puppia Calderon, is a very healthy and happy terrier.  She was not always so trim and energetic.  I have tried so many types of food to help her digestive system work better.  A guest from NYC turned me on to Evermore. Lola loves it! This food is so good I had it relayed from to the city to the country until it became available in the Hudson Valley.” 


Bernetta Calderon

Owner, Bernetta's Place

New Paltz, NY

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