We had stopped running Lucy 3-4 years ago as she just didn’t want to do that anymore and her age seemed to be catching up to her.  Daily walks were maintained, of course.

After several months on her new Evermore only diet, my wife and I both began to notice an increase in her energy level, a better leaner body weight, as well as subtle and not so subtle signs of renewed wellness—e.g., first we noticed that she eschews using the seat at the end of our elevated bed (which was put there a couple years ago just for her) to get up and down off the bed.  But this morning was a shocker—she surprised my wife on their walk by breaking into a run!!  Not just a run mind you but my wife (who is an avid runner) said it was a full on SPRINT non-stop for well over a mile before letting up (probably only to let my wife get over the shock).  She had not run in years.  

She is treated to her Evermore breakfast after her a.m. walk so perhaps that was the motivation! 

We are over the moon about her response to the food—we know she won’t live forever but the fact that her quality of life is again so awesome at this age is such a blessing! Thanks again for a wonderful product! -John


I just want to thank Evermore foods for saving my best friend and making him a healthier happier dog and giving him some longevity of life. Two years ago my beautiful Brody developed a cluster of tumors all over his body. It literally seemed like this happened overnight. My vet assured me they were benign but could turn into something different at any moment and had no explanation for what caused them. Either way I knew it wasn’t good. That’s when I began my search for a cleaner healthier lifestyle for him and that meant organic clean food. I’m happy to say that since Brody‘s been on Evermore food (exclusively) , ALL of his tumors have shrunk and there are only a few left that are so small you don’t notice them. He is 13 and plays fetch for hours, swims like a fish , and keeps up with all the little people in our life. And here’s the best part… BRO adores the food and looks forward to each meal as if it were his last. God forbid  if I run out, he mopes around and pouts as if I’m trying to feed him pig slop! He LOVES his meals!



Your dog foods are, well, everything I have been looking for for my dogs since I  got my first dog. That was 35 years and 8 dogs ago. I am so grateful. Rock on with with this fantastic product.



We LOVE Evermore!

You guys are the best, my favorite part is your commitment to responsible and humane sourcing. And of

course the dogs’ favorite part is all of it :)

-Lauren, Chicago

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