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A Mother in Need - Part 1

In the beginning of April, I recieved a message from my friends over at Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue – they had recently rescued a pregnant dog who had just birthed a litter at Eva's Play Pup's Pennsylvania camp, an amazing country boarding facility and Badass Rescue partner. The mother, dubbed Rachel Ray, was suffering from severe demodectic mange. With seven mouths to feed, her immune system was not up to the task of even beginning to heal. I'm pretty familiar with mange as Spokespup Sharkita actually came to me after being treated for a severe bout of mange.

All dogs that are raised by their mothers actually host a population of demodex mites. Usually the mites are benign and do not affect the health of the dog. If the dog's immune system is compromised, however, demodectic mange flares up and can cause some pretty miserable symptoms, such as hair loss, itchy dry skin, and secondary bacterial infections. Conventional treatments for demodectic mange include oral medications and baths that can involve some pretty harsh chemicals. Both of these were out of the question for a nursing mother.

Enter Evermore. In addition to natural baths to help get her skin under control, Rachel Ray is now eating Evermore to help get her immune systme back on track. Badass and Eva were kind enough to provide us with this wonderful video Introduction. We can't wait to see how things turn out!


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