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Evermore Me

About The Project

In March 2011, company owners Hanna (left) and Alison (right) ate Evermore every day for the entire month to stand behind our claims of integrity and "human-grade" ingredients (press release here).


To prove we were absolutely comfortable eating our dog food daily with no concerns for our health or well-being, we filmed each day via "live feed." We dubbed the project Evermore Me, inspired by Morgan Spurlock's Super Size Me documentary. Here's how the month went.

THE RuleS 

  1. Company owners ate Evermore for one full meal a day. The"feedings" were streamed live online, with streaming times announced daily via Twitter and Facebook.

  2. Other meals consisted of only ingredients in the food (e.g., roast chicken breast with kale and sweet potato fries—sounds good, right?).

  3. Condiments and spices (e.g., salt, pepper, vinegar, etc.) were permitted.  Evermore is delicious for dogs, but not so much for humans. We ate our food to stand behind the integrity of our sourcing and to demonstrate what we mean by "human-grade" ingredients, not to claim that it's yummy.

  4. In terms of beverage policy, we did not consume anything liquid that was of significant nutritional value unless it was the juice of an ingredient in our food (e.g., apple or carrot juice).  Thankfully, black coffee and alcohol are not particularly nutritious. ;)

  5. If you offered us your pizza crust or dropped something on the floor at mealtime, we might have considered eating it…

The Proof

Check out our daily "live feeds" here:



The Situation Room

(Jeanne Moos segment)

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